Le Foundeur de Son releases the CD SPIME 2019 – Cosmic and Spontaneous Gestures autumn 2020.


The Music was recorded during the SPIME festival of 2019 where all the participating musicians brought new material to be recorded along with shorter recordings of spontaneous constellations.


Musicians on the album

Jonathan Aardestrup (The Community – Denmark): Double bass
Paulo Chagas (Zpoluras – Portugal): Oboe, soprano saxophone, flute
Jean-Michel Couchet (LFDS – France): Alto saxophone
Mia Dyberg (The Community – Denmark): Alto saxophone
Jérome Fouquet (LFDS – France): Trumpet
Sandra Giura Longo (Italy): Flutes
Marcello Magliocchi (OSIMU – Italy): Drums
Carlo Mascolo (Muzic Plus – Italy): Trombone
François Mellan (LFDS – France): Sousaphone
Niels Mestre (LFDS – France): Guitare
Yoram Rosilio (LFDS – France): Double basse
Pedro Santo, (Zpoluras – Portugal): Drums
Nicolas Souchal (LFDS – France): Trumpet


Recorded at Anis Gras (Arcueil – France) on 25, 26 and 27 March 2019 by Ananda Cherer.
Mixed and mastered by Ananda Cherer – Narrative design: Niels Mestre.
Artistic direction and organization of SPIME 2019: Yoram Rosilio.
Artwork: Pierre-Yves Baudin – Photos: Jgfree and François Mellan – Graphic design: François Mellan.


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