SHARE launches ‘Improvisors without borders’ – a collaborative online database for European creative artists


In April 2021 SHARE launched the database “Improvisors without borders” which already has over 200 profiles of musicians, organisations, venues and festivals from 18 different countries. The aim is to reach 1000 profiles by the end of the year.

Improvisors Without Borders is a collaborative and open-source online database

The database was created as a part of the SHARE project, the goal of which is to encourage innovation and new practices: via the database, artists will access a large directory of professionals that they will be able to enrich.

The SHARE project aims to create the circulation of information in a collaborative and digital manner as a new practice for creative music artists : each artist can participate in a horizontal exchange, in the spirit of the jam and training sessions organized as part of the project. Digital is meant to complete the physical circulation of artists.

This database is a platform for horizontal information sharing

Conceived for a better circulation of information in an exclusively collaborative manner, the database will include and connect all the actors/practitioners in the sector: artists, musicians, dancers, painters, activists, researchers, journalists, programmers, festivals, venues.

Improvisors Without Borders is :

  • a dynamic encyclopedia of improvisation practice, where professionals from all disciplines can meet and exchange;
  • a database of improvisation practitioners, ressources and places, mapped out explicitly across the European landscape;
  • a library of professional ressources on improvisation.

So, start exploring our directory of Persons, Collectives & Groups, other Organizations, Venues & Festivals across Europe.

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