Impro’ for dummies

What do you think of when you hear the term “improvised music”? For seasoned ears, it sounds like a constellation of artists, beyond jazz. For others, it may be the fear of the discordant, the bizarre, the unheard of.
To satisfy your curiosity, two guests share here their vision of this musical genre, its history, the relationship to the world it induces. They also propose you some listening, to hear this world we are talking about“.
Radio Campus Tour turns the microphone over to Yoram Rosilio, double bass player, composer, from the collective Le Fondeur de son (Paris) and other groups, and Jonathan Aardestrup, double bass player from the collective The Community (Copenhagen) and member of The Way Out. They come back on what is improvised music for them and underline the motivations of SHARE project.
Both Artistic Directors of SHARE project, they have organized several improvisation meetings in Europe, and dream of a European network of improvisers.
You can listen to the interview and the specially selected playlist here:

Impro’ for dummies – Les musiques créatives pour les nuls