18th to 21th of May 2022


SPIME is an artistic event, a experimenting place and discovery, aimed to connect improvised music collectives. It’s a laboratory, an unsual place based around practices, exchanges and case studies based on the improvised music and a collaborative creation.

Usually organised in Arcueil in Anis Gras – Le lieu de l’Autre, the event SPIME is coming for its 8th edition this year in Lyon, in partnership with the Friche artistique Lamartine, a place of artistic creation and cultural cooperation.

This event is organized by Le Fondeur de Son and Anis Gras – Le lieu de l’Autre.


Photos credits : Léa Chorot

Public concerts and Jam session

Friday 20/05 & Saturday 21/05

Friday and Saturday, you will have the opportunity to come and listen to the concerts and the Jam session* : Concerts (both days) at 7pm, and a Jam session (on friday) at 9pm…

…in La Friche Lamartine :
Villa Pionchon
11 rue Claudius Pionchon
69003 Lyon.


Price of the concert : 5€ (icluding the membership of La Friche Lamartine). Buy ticket on site or online : HERE.

* The Jam session is open to everyone to participate, play, dance, sing etc. !

Photo credits : Léa Chorot


Who are the participants ?

For the occasion, 21 improvisors will come.

9 of them are members of the collectif LE FONDEUR DE SON and the 12 others are invited to come :


Invited Improvisors

Michal Wróblewski – Saxophone alto

Database profil

Jonas Gerigk – Double Bass

Database profil

Agnes Distelberger– Dance

Database profil

Andrej Fon – Multi-instrumentalist

Christian Rollet – Percussions

Undae – Electronics


Elena Waclawiczek – Dance

Database profil

Julien Belon – Electro acoustic

Baptiste De frémont – Guitar

Pierre-Yvan Blondet – Electronics

Jonathan Aardestrup – Double Bass

Database profil

Uygur Vural – Cello

Database profil



(All of the members of the collective created their profil on the share database, as well as the collective itself. The database is in open access, so feel free to take a look -> DATABASE : Improvisors Without Borders )

François Mellan – Sousaphone

Database profil

Jessico Saulou – Electronics

Database profil

Julien Catherine – Percussions

Database profil

Nicolas Souchal – Trumpet

Database profil

Niels Mestre – Guitar

Database profil

Yoram Rosilio – Double bass

Database profil

Olivia Scemama – Bass
Database profil

Florent Dupuit – Saxophone

Database profil

Jérôme Fouquet – Double bass

Database profil

Photos credits Alexandre Alloul






The event is organized by Le Fondeur de Son & Anis Gras – Le lieu de l’Autre in partnership with La Friche Lamartine, and is an element in share, which is a collaboration between 5 European collectives for music and cultural institutions supported by Europe Creative.


You can contact us for more details :

By e-mail info@shareimpro.eu or by using the contact form.