MIA festival


From 9th to 12th of June


What is the MIA festival ?


MIA is an event organized around artistic and pedagogical aspects of musical experimentation and innovation, guided by cooperation and sharing between creative artists.

«If today we can say that there is an effective community of improvisers in Portugal, whether they are connected to jazz or take more “exploratory” routes, this is due, in large part, to the existence of an event like MIA (…) it is as if it were an improvisers’ congress, in which people of the most varied levels of creative experience and also instrumental mastery, have the opportunity to establish cooperation.» (Rui Eduardo Paes – Jazz.pt)

«Portugal’s Música Improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia (MIA) is like few other festivals. Part music camp, part improvisational showcase and part concert series, this year’s 10th anniversary edition brought together about 100 musicians for 14 official concerts, 24 Grupos Sorteados (GS), or randomly selected group sets, plus workshops, unique large ensembles, conduction finales and late-night jam sessions.» (Ken Waxman – Jazzword)


This year it would be its 13th edition still taking place in the beautiful place of Atouguia Da Balea in PORTUGAL


For 2022 :

This year, workshop, concerts, aperitif concerts and Jam sessions are planned. The collective organiser :  Zpoluras has invited musicians and dancers from Portugal and from other parts of Europe to participate.

Visit the website of the event : MIA FESTIVAL


Below, the program for each day of the MIA festival :


Discover the festival with videos and pictures

The collective Zpoluras has shared on its Youtube Channel many videos taking during the past editions of the festival.


Here also some pictures of the edition of 2017 and 2021 :



MIA Festival is active on social media

Facebook : @mia.improvisada

Website : mia-festival.pt

Instagram : @mia.improvisada


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The workshop is organized by Zpoluras and is an element in share, which is a collaboration between 5 European collectives for music and cultural institutions supported by Europe Creative.


You can contact us for more details :

By e-mail info@shareimpro.eu or by using the contact form.