29th to 31st of July 2022

Officine Culturali – Hortus
via S.Vito Vecchio 5
Gravina in Puglia – Altamura


This event is organized by 

Cricket productions in partnership with Hortus, Muzic Plus, Corpi Narranti, Pro Loco Altamura as part of share, which is a collaboration between 5 European collectives for music and cultural institutions supported by Europe Creative.


This new edition of the Free Flow Festival – in collaboration with the SHARE project co-financed by the European Community – reflects and enhances the characteristics of the the new international creative music, in which sounds, structures and pathos define in real time the essence of what is being created.

Where there is sound, there is music.

Where there is creativity, there is evolution.

Below, a link to a recorded live of a sunset concert that took place during the Fest Flow Festival of 2021 : Facebook live, 22nd of May 2021 :

Program of the festival

All the events during the FFF are open to everyone and the entrance is free.


FFF_Program pdf


Who are the participants ?

For the occasion, 15 italian improvisors and 6 improvisors from others european countries.


Anna Paola De Biase – Alto sax

Adriano Orrù – Double Basse

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Carlo Mascolo – Extended trombone

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Caterina Orlandi – Cello

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Domenico Acquaviva  – Cupa cupa, electric bass


Eufemia Mascolo – Double bass, tibetan bells


Donatello Pisanello – Organetto bitonico, el. guitar

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Elisabetta Lanfredini – Voice

Jime Ghirlandi – Visual

Lucie Laricq– Violin

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Marco Malasomma– Electronics

Lorenzo Colocci – Flute

Olivia Scemama – Electric Bass, Double Bass

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Peter JacquemynDouble Basse


Pino Colonna – Flutes, ciaramella, tenor saxophone

Silvia Corda – Toy piano

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Sofia Kakouri – Body, dance

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Stefania Petracca – Body, dance

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Uygur Vural – Cello

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Vito Basile – Electric bass
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Article about the FFF (in italian) on the website :

Free Flow Festival 2022 – Percorsi Musicali

The last edition was held recently, in May 2022, here’s some memories :

More on the Flickr of share


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