The ZCLAM! Fest

From 16th to 18th of September 2022

Opening day : 9th of September

Anis Gras – le lieu de l’Autre, 55 av. Laplace, 94110 Arcueil


All along the #ZCLAMFest, the Radio Radio Toulouse will be recording. 🎧🎤🎛
Listen on live so you don’t miss anything 😉 :



The closing event of the project share impro will take place in September !

Around 25 artists from France or Europe have been invited to come and celebrate with the public free improvised music.

Photo by José Felix da Costa – MIA 2022


4 days, 5 workshops, 4 jams sessions, 3 concerts & many more

Friday, 9th of Septembre

A journey with the italian collective of improvised music Il Cantiere dell’InCanto and the french improvised dance company Anqa. A rendezvous between dance, music, people with disabilities or not, and a strong desire to stop the superiority of the so-called “normal” bodies over the stigmatized ones.


10am / 11.30am
Workshop La voix et le tambour – IN FRENCH
Listening in 90-minute session.
Free, on reservation.

RESERVATION ON : Atelier La Voix et le tambour


Suono & Ritmo laboratory – IN ENGLISH
Presentation and sharing experience.
Free entrance.

RESERVATION ON : Suono & Ritmo laboratory


L’Autre Jam
Jam session of improvised music & dance.
Free entrance.



Distribution :

Il Cantiere dell’InCanto :
Francesca BILLE
Alessandra GIURA LONGO
Maria et Nicola GAZZANO
Luciano TROJA

Isabelle BRUNAUD


From the 16th to the 18th

Starting at 1pm
Photos and videos exhibition
The 2-year project illustrated with the pictures captured by photographers and/or participants, and clips from the documentary directed by Nicolas Ronjat from the Greenshot Studio.


Starting at 3pm
ZCLAM! Records Corner
All best disks from the labels and the European improvisors.


Starting at 3pm
Edition and microedition stand
Les Éditions Desespoire is an associative desk-top publishing house based in Paris.
Specializing in comics, Les Éditions Désespoire is very active in young writers publishing and promotion, and release fanzine, poetry, stories and illustrations.
Les Éditions ARTDERIEN follows all the paths of artistic experimentation and
multiple languages (written, sound, pictorial, visual).


Friday, 16th of September 2022

Workshop « interactions musicians/orchestra – machine (IRCAM-ONJ) » (Free, booking required) – EN

With Jérôme Nika (from IRCAM) and Frédéric Maurin (director of the ONJ)

The Orchestre National de Jazz and IRCAM present Ex Machina, a creation imagined by the American saxophonist Steve Lehman and Frédéric Maurin, artistic director of the ONJ; two composers who share a taste for exploring new musical territories.
This project is the result of a collaboration with the Musical Representations team at IRCAM and explores for the first time the possibilities of interaction between the instrumentalists and the machine within a large jazz orchestra.
By integrating devices created using Jérôme Nika’s DYCI2 environment in the composition process and in the soloists’ improvisations in real-time, the computer becomes, in turn, a generator of electronic orchestrations for the composers and an improvisation partner for the musicians.

Free, on reservation.

More information :

RESERVATION ON : Workshop "interactions musicians / orchestra - machine (IRCAM / ONJ)"


Anisette session
Let’s share a musical aperitif.


European improvisers’ concert.
Following by a jam session open to everyone to participate, play, dance, sing etc. !
On reservation.

RESERVATION ON: Concert & Jam of free and improvised music


Saturday 17th of September 2022

Anisette session
Let’s share a musical aperitif.


European improvisers’ concert opening with a duo concert «Music & Dance» with the percussionist Lê Quan Ninh and the performer and choreographer Emmanuelle Pépin.
Following by a jam session open to everyone to participate, play, dance, sing etc. !
On reservation.

RESERVATION ON : Concert & Jam of free and improvised music


Sunday 18th of September 2022


2pm and 3.30pm
Musical Game « Bravo la Musique » – FR
Conducted by Rrrrose Azerty from the french music school Musiques Tangentes.
A fun workshop playing the MUSIQUE BRAVO cardgame, a deck of cards created to pratice experimental and improvised music collectively.
The participants will be willing to play improvisation based on the restrictions giving by an « action card » and a perfom time limit they’ve previously picked and received.
Open to beginners as well as experienced people, adults and children from 8 years old.
Bring your own instrument or contact us if you don’t have one.
Free, on reservation, 90-minute sessions.

More information :
MUSIQUE BRAVO, un jeu de cartes by rrrrroseazerty (

Limited places.
RESERVATION ON : Workshop "Bravo La Musique"


Workshop «Appréhender l’improvisation et ses fondamentaux» – FR
Conducted by Nicolas Souchal, trumpet player, improvisor and member of Le Fondeur de Son, in partnership with the french music school EDIM.
For many musicians in training, improvisation outside, or beyond, recognized styles (blues, jazz, traditional music, etc.) can seem destabilizing. Yet it is an essential component of musical expression and contemporary adventures. To experiment what happens when you immerse yourself in listening and playing with others, with the desire to let the unpredictable happen. In the words of Daunik Lazro and Nicolas Souchal: “As improvisers we aspire to the unpredictable, in a relationship of mutual trust. Each one, braced in the moment, is inhabited by the memory of countless music played, heard, dreamed of. Determined by instrumental practice, acquired experience, and by instinct and thought of one’s own.
10€, please contact EDIM for registration :


La Jam du Fondeur à Anis Gras
The monthly big meeting in Anis Gras is coming back for a new season of free improvisation through dance, music, visual arts, voice perfomance and so much more.
This jam session will be introduced by the founding members of SHARE :
Jonathan Aardestrup (The Community – Denmark), Paulo Chagas (Zpoluras – Portugal),
Carlo Mascolo (Muzic Plus – Italy) and Olivia Scemama (Le Fondeur de Son – France).
A jam session open to everyone to participate, play, dance, sing etc. !

Free entrance
Free participation
Free impro
RESERVATION ON : La Jam du Fondeur à Anis Gras



Undae Tropic

A live performance of experimental music, electronic and techno-pop sounds

More information :



In English – pdf

In French – pdf


Poster of the festival


Participants of the ZCLAM! Fest


Opening day speakers :

Francesca BILLE (educational psychologist)
Alessandra GIURA LONGO (Musician and professor)
Maria et Nicola GAZZANO (close family of Santina Gazzano)
Santina GAZZANO (Participant of the Suono & Ritmo laboratory)
Giovanna LA MAESTRA (History and italian professor, trained in theater, body education and vocal expression)
Luciano TROJA (Pianist and composer)
Isabelle BRUNAUD (Dancer and choreographer)
Daniel FRANCHINI (Dance educator)
Serge PAUCHON (Dancer)


Performers – From France and Europe :

Sofia KAKOURI – Zonneklopper – Belgium – Dance
Elisabetta LANFREDINI – Germany – Voice
Nana PI AABO-KIM– Barefoot – Denmark – Saxophone
Johannes GAMMELGAARD LAURITSEN – FRIM – Sweden – Saxophone
Peter ORINS – Muzzix – France – Drums
Wolfgang SCHLIEMANN – Kooperative New Jazz – Germany – Drums
João ALMEIDA – OSSO Collective – Portugal – Trumpet
José LENCASTRE – Phonogram Unit – Portugal – Saxophone
Agnes DISTELBERGER – LiSi*A Collective – Austria – Dance
Michal WROBLEWSKI – Ma Collective – Czech Republic – Saxophone
Yoram ROSILIO – LFDS – France – Double Bass
François MELLAN – LFDS – France – Sousaphone
Olivia SCEMAMA – LFDS – France – DoubleBass
Nicolas SOUCHAL – LFDS – France – Trumpet
Carlo MASCOLO – Muzic Plus – Italy – Trombon
Paulo CHAGAS – Zpoluras – Portugal – Flute
Jonathan AARDESTRUP – The Community – Denmark – Double Bass

Workshops conductors :

Emmanuelle PEPIN – Dance
Lê QUAN NINH – Percussion
Rrrrrose AZERTY


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The event is organized by share impro which is a collaboration between 5 European collectives for music and cultural institutions supported by Europe Creative.


You can contact us for more details :

By e-mail or by using the contact form.

Featured picture by José Félix da Costa