Who are we

We are European improvisors, living our lives performing and organizing concerts, recordings, festivals, and spaces for sharing and creating in order to bring our music to a wide range of audiences, often occupying and revitalizing dead spaces in modern urban planning.

All this comes out of a love for our music and the community surrounding it.

Despite the high quality of the events, the music being presented and the appreciation from the conscious audience outside the mainstream industries, the overwhelming amount of work often falls to small groups or individuals and reaching potential audiences could prove difficult. Making it as individuals, can be quite a challenge.

Now There is Change in the Air and to support this change we have created the project SHARE.

Together we can extend networks, build links of solidarity among artists, promote the practice of improvisation as a utopian way of living in the world, encourage new and sustainable models of collaboration based on the “do it yourself” and “peer to peer” approach, and hence strengthen our independence through solidarity and collaboration.

SHARE has received a Europe Creative grant that permits 2 years of work and exchange with the aim to create a larger federation.

Today SHARE is run collaboratively by 5 partners located in 4 different European countries including impro collectives, record labels, festivals and cultural institutions. The future perspective will be to create a network of all interested parties from the European scene.

What we want to do!

SHARE creates possibilities for this network to be built collectively :

  • Artistic meetings all over Europe that will bring together artists, researchers, and professionals from different disciplines,, and engage them in different activities: jam sessions, concerts, cultural and educational meetings, peer-to-peer training sessions, conferences, and debates.
  • An open-source online database - for a better circulation of information in an exclusively collaborative manner. It will include  and connect all the actors/practitioners  in the sector : artists, musicians, dancers, painters,, activists,  researchers, journalists programmers, festivals, venues, …  SHARE’s database will become a platform for horizontal information sharing.
  • As a result of the EU supported SHARE project we will build a Federation that can continue this work in the future covering as much of the scene as possible.

What do we want to achieve?

The SHARE project aims to improve the conditions for the circulation of European Free Improvised Music*** artists and their creations. To this end, the project proposes to experiment with a federative union of the Improvised Music artists & professionals of the music industry working in the genre & the audience & all collective or individuals interested in this field of creation. Through a collaborative organisation, the Federation will trigger the emergence of a structured, visible and mobile network of European Free Improvised Music. The project pursues 5 objectives:

→ to reinforce the mobility of artists and their creations
→ to professionalize artists through collaborative and informal learning models
→ to encourage innovation and new practices and to foster collaborative knowledge & information sharing
→ to increase the visibility of free improvised music
→ to ensure a sustainable circulation of careers