Impro’ for dummies

Impro’ for dummies

What do you think of when you hear the term “improvised music”? For seasoned ears, it sounds like a constellation of artists, beyond jazz. For others, it may be the fear of the discordant, the bizarre, the unheard of.
To satisfy your curiosity, two guests share here their vision of this musical genre, its history, the relationship to the world it induces. They also propose you some listening, to hear this world we are talking about“.
Radio Campus Tour turns the microphone over to Yoram Rosilio, double bass player, composer, from the collective Le Fondeur de son (Paris) and other groups, and Jonathan Aardestrup, double bass player from the collective The Community (Copenhagen) and member of The Way Out. They come back on what is improvised music for them and underline the motivations of SHARE project.
Both Artistic Directors of SHARE project, they have organized several improvisation meetings in Europe, and dream of a European network of improvisers.
You can listen to the interview and the specially selected playlist here:

Impro’ for dummies – Les musiques créatives pour les nuls


SHARE ImproFest

SHARE ImproFest

This short film shows the energetic and passionate meeting between improvising musicians from Aarhus and international participants from Europe. The SHARE improfest took place in Aarhus and was a new collaboration between the musicians’ collective The Community and Sun Ship, the Aarhus concert association which has presented experimental frontier-seeking music since 2003.

For the Improfest the Swedish improvisation collective FRIM was invited along with partners from the SHARE project to meet and create music on the spot for 4 days and each night presenting high quality impro music to an engaged and surprised audience.

Concerts were spread over various locations and studios at Sydhavnen in Aarhus, including Frontløberne, Feedback studiet, several art studios, Lowly and the Soulitate Chaibar.


SHARE Impro Flickr - the photos of SHARE improv meetings


Discover the photo albums of the SHARE events


These are photos from some improv meetings organized within the framework of the SHARE project (mainly in Portugal, Denmark, France, Italy, Czech Republic).
The photo albums are regularly updated, so don’t hesitate to follow us to discover the new photos posted!

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Musical Meeting for European Improvisors (MMEI)


Musical Meeting for European Improvisors (MMEI) was a 5 day workshop for musicians working in the fields of improvised music and composition. The workshop was based on peer to peer learning and all the participants were facilitating a session in which they shared some of their concepts and ideas related to composition and improvisation. This teaser gives a quick insight in the workshop.


Album release - Music to SHARE


Zpoluras releases the CD Music to SHARE


The Music was recorded during the MIA festival of 2021.
Since 2010 the Meeting of Improvised Music of Atouguia da Baleia – MIA, has been held, having grown year after year in the number of participants and in the quality of the music.
This 12th edition was quite special, as due to the restrictions of the pandemic, the meeting was smaller than usual, with the participation of 34 musicians, which is significantly below the approximately 100 who participated in the pre-covid times.
Nonetheless, the quality of the musical creation, as well as its recording, was so high that we wanted to perpetuate it through this CD. As it would be impossible to present on this disc all the recordings made, which total about 10 hours of music, here are excerpts from practically all the concerts that were part of MIA 2021.
It is therefore a collection of what may be some of the most representative moments of what happened in Atouguia da Baleia during that weekend in June. For the biggest fans, the full version of the MIA 2021 concerts can be watched on the Zpoluras youtube channel.


Musicians on the album

1. Like a lullaby
Maria Dybbroe – saxophone, Paulo Duarte – guitar, Joana Guerra – cello, Vito Basile – bass

2. European scat
Elisabetta Lanfredini – vocals, Niels Mestre – guitar, Manuel Guimarães – piano, Jonathan Aardestrup – doublebass

3. Cacto
Ricardo Jacinto – cello, Nuno Torres – saxophone, Nuno Morão – percussion

4. One night in Atouguia da Baleia
Rodrigo Amado – saxophone, Hernâni Faustino – doublebass, João Lencastre – drums

5. 190621 – Voltaic Trio
Luís Guerreiro – trumpet and electronics, Jorge Nuno – guitar, João Valinho – drums

6. 5TO1
Maria Radich – vocals, Maria do Mar – violin, Carlo Mascolo – trombone, Paulo Pimentel – piano, Mário Rua – drums

7. Short tale of wood and metal
João Pedro Viegas – bass clarinet, François Mellan – tuba, Alvaro Rosso – doublebass, Miguel Falcão – doublebass

8. Who was who
Paulo Chagas – flute, Nuno Rebelo – guitar, Miguel Mira – cello, Felice Furioso – drums

9. More music to share
Carla Santana – electronics, Carlo Mascolo – trombone, Uygur Vural – cello, Carlos Canão – gong and tibetan bowls

10. Joker
François Mellan – tuba, Miguel Falcão – doublebass, Paulo Pimentel – piano, Niels Mestre – guitar, Jonathan Aardestrup – doublebass, Maria Dybbroe – saxophone, Paulo Duarte – guitar, Vito Basile – bass, Carlo Mascolo – trombone, Uygur Vural – cello, Carlos Canão – gong and tibetan bowls


Recorded at Sociedade Filarmónica União 1º de Dezembro de 1902 de Atouguia da Baleia on June 18, 19 and 20, 2021, except for track 7, recorded at Igreja de S. José, Atouguia da Baleia.

Recorded and mixed by Leon Bucaretchi
Edited and produced by Paulo Chagas


See more on the label bandcamp> Zpoluras Bandcamp

Listen here


SHARE in ImprovNotes - the monthly newsletter by the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation

ImprovNotes is a monthly newsletter distributed by the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (Canada).
Last October, Catharine Cary wrote about SHARE after participating in SPIME 7 at Anis Gras - le lieu de l'Autre in France, a music festival of improvisation organized by the French collective Le Fondeur de son.
For her, SHARE is like trains, trains rolling along, stopping at several stations, passing other trains; "The trains were already running, and they found a way, through funding from the European Union, to align the tracks and make all the trains run in concerto".
To read the article in October ImprovNotes.
Thank you to Catharine Cary for her article and to the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation.