Improvisors Without Borders - The collaborative database for european creative artists

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The database was created as a part of the share project, with the aim to encourage mobility, innovation and new practices in free improvised music : via the database, artists will have access to a large directory of professionals. You can search by name, instrument, country or organisation to make it easier to make and keep connections between musicians and other actors on the scene.

The share project aims to create the circulation of information in a collaborative and digital manner as a new practice for creative music artists : each artist can make a profile and participate in a horizontal exchange. 

The database is meant to support the physical circulation of artists; get in contact with the local scene, find someone to organize a jam, a session, a concert, someone to borrow instruments from, someone that could offer accommodation, grab you from the train station, share a great meal, articles, tips… Basically all those good practices we already have but that will be facilitated by few clicks on the database.

The more people who join, the more efficient it will be! So jump on your keyboards! Create and complete your profile, create pages for your collectives, add your good tips, and don’t forget to ask people around you to do the same!

Enter the database